The Stupidity In Religion
The Stupidity In Religion

The Stupidity In Religion

The Stupidity In Religion•

All Religions to me is stupid, they work on emotions and not factual basis, be it African Native Religion, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism all strive on stupidity ~ In fact the more stupid you are the better you are as a candidate of religion because you have to follow with faith and faith itself lacks reasoning (Faith is evidence of things not seen). Now how can there be evidence of things not seen? So critically analysing this issues you will understand that any form of religion is utterly stupid.


If you take the story of Jesus Christ to another Religion it becomes some worth useless. For instance, the story of Jesus Christ have got nothing to cling onto. There is a boy in Udu Local Government, who was given birth to by a virgin without having any sexual intercourse !! The short line story describes nothing but stupidity. Don’t this person fabricating such stories sound ridiculous ?


We all know it takes two to tangle biologically and after which comes pregnancy. Now Mary the acclaimed earthly mother of Jesus was a virgin whom was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they come together, she was found pregnant through the holy spirit Matthew 1:12.

Whereas, back then if a man is caught sleeping with a betrothed he is killed instantly.

This scenario alone defies the book of Deutoronomy 23:2, A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord. She got defiled by whoever and became pregnant which can be likened to rape cause it was without her consent. Now the boy from Udu with the name Obukohwo you must pray through to meet God. Now lets take the story from the angle of Genesis 1:1, In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. Meaning Jesus and God are one by virtue of trinity also (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit). Does this means that, Jesus Christ actually impregnated his own mother and came to life through her? (also, take a look at Isaiah 43:10-11).

To the Jews, Christianity is Stupid, to the Christians, Islam is Stupidity. Its like this, If I go out and kill someone in the name of my God there will be 70 (Seventy) virgins actually waiting for me in heaven. Now the stupidity of this one and that of a boy who was born by a virgin with no sexual intercourse I don’t who is more stupid. I cannot say this is more stupid than the other because it is impossible to measure the level of their stupidity, but what I can say is that, they are both fools.

These things are not in the domain of reason, taking for instance, Faith – “This is the evidence of things not seen, the substance of things hoped for’. This leaves room for blind-folding of yourself in other to actualise a potential outcome, which will bring us down to the “Sociology of Knowledge”, Sociology of knowledge has to do with something that cannot be proven yet you believe.


Another word for Religion should be Stupidity, the more advance the religion the more stupid the doctrine when analysed, cause I don’t see the reason while one can actually get treatment from the hospital yet relies on some spiritual forces to heal their child which of course could lead to the death of that child.


One of the most stupid branch in religion is Roman Catholicism. Roman Catholicism is one of the most advanced branch in Christian religion on earth now. It is tailored to its own Rigid Government, Its own Country, Powerful, financial backing, Mafia and et al. They belief is centred more on fictions, The superstitions of the Roman Catholic Church is tailored after the Indian Mystery Schools and the Egyptian Mystery Schools – Horus, Osiris and Krisna (Augustin Oghanrandukun 2017).


The core belief in Roman Catholic Church is the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Communion as the same with Jesus Christ which is the same as body, blood and divinity which this superstition is copied from Egypt and Indian (Oritseweyinmi Olomu 2015) of the sameperson whose birth, death and resurrection is based on DOGMA (Lacking historical evidence). Then Mohammed whom never knew that these things are superstitions copied these lies and incorporated it into the Quran (Augustine Oghanrandukun 2016)•


The only area Religion is Profiting to man taking Nigeria as a case study: Imagine Nigeria without these pastors dwelling in so much lies, although they are telling lies but they contribute in helping to calm people’s heart. It would have gotten to the stage everyone will pick up a battle axe to use on their neighbour. Religion whether wrong, bad, wicked, evil or not, it serves a social purpose of moderating anger morality alone in the society would not

have stood to combat against the thoughts of individuals. For example, a man that was at the verge of taking his own life had to put a stop to it because of the fear of hell fire, religion helped out tin that instance. Morality wouldn’t have

guarded him from committing suicide because it is not as critical as the fear of going to hell in the eyes of a concentrated Christian.

Religion goes a long way in social control, this is why the ruling class e.g President, King, Prime Minister etc do not joke with it. They might know about the insincerity in religion but will still give support to Churches, Mosques and Shrines because they are all instruments in social control and not because they believe in them, they know it will calm the people from revolting against their government. They might even start pumping money into religion, For instance, Ayo Oritsejiafor, David Oyedepo, Goddowell Awomakpa, Imams etc to help speak to their congregation in other to cob their minds, with their teaching and even false prophecies.

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