The Hebrew Bible through the lens of the Babylonion Exile
The Hebrew Bible through the lens of the Babylonion Exile

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  1. A good and readable article – but for goodness sake why do people try and soften the blow about the Jews and their created history? The millions of lives that have been lost due to Jewish fabrication is eye watering – and their slaughtering of the Palestinians is ruthless! Just a little research will show you how vile and evil Zionism is – it is a religious and political blood bath – the terrible irony is, all because of
    their fabricated Myth of a non-existent promise, by a non existent god!

    Israel and Zionism are probably the worst things that could have happened to our beleaguered planet – and if you did not know about the evil shenanigans of Jewish/Christian Zionism, it will be on here shortly!

    So many displaced people in the world, and I see nothing about Indians getting their land back in Canada and USA, the slaughter of these indigenous people is beyond eye-watering and is heinous! European settlers killed 56 million indigenous people over about 100 years in South, Central and North America. The Aborigines/Maoris et al – died in their thousands – these people existed folks, they were real people just like the displaced Palestinians who are being slaughtered today in Israel.

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