“The Greatest Lie Ever Told” by historian W H Uffington …
“The Greatest Lie Ever Told” by historian W H Uffington …

“The Greatest Lie Ever Told” by historian W H Uffington …

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18th May 2017 by Red Johnson 121 Comments

‎Douglas Michael King‎ to The Humanist Hub

I just read “The Greatest Lie Ever Told” by historian W H Uffington. Caesar’s Messiah proved there is no Jesus. But, this book proves their is no god. It’s a historic scandal. Here are some interesting points he made:

According to Genesis 24, Abraham lived in Nahor, not Ur of the Chaldees in Southwest Iraq but Northwest Iraq. According to Joshua 24, the other side of the flood means the other side of the Euphrates. Between the Tigris and Euphrates. Ur was on the Persian Gulf Delta. The Qur’an says Urhay, a town a few miles northwest of Nahor.
The 4,000 year old clay tablet from Mari appeared to Christians, when it was discovered in 1930, to be evidence of the names of Abrahams ancestors on them. But, the tablet is a list of cities, not people because the families weren’t royalty and wouldn’t be naming cities after themselves and back then Jewish sons just had their fathers name. Abraham son of Abram. They never named themselves after cities.
Since there is no historical or archeological records of Abraham, he was probably made up to give the Jews a starting point for their history.

Alexander The Great renamed Urhay Edessa. It became an important melting pot of religious ideas between the East and the West with libraries bigger then Athens.
The Egyptian religious doctrine of Hermetica was based in Edessa. And, guarded by The Magi, or star worshipers The Sabinians. During

The Hyksos occupation of Egypt, a group of Semantic speaking Sabinians created a new town near Giza called Haran. After the occupation, they were expelled from Egypt, in a mini-exodus around 9,000 BCE, and went to southern Iraq known as Lake Van, which could have been, sort-of, the garden of Eden, and have become known as The Sabian Mandeneans, or more modern, just, Mandeneans.

They have had a great influence on philosophical Islam. They still claim there home is Egypt and made annual pilgrimages there until the 11th century CE. All this predates the rise of middle eastern religions and was at the time when hunter gathers became farmers. 5,000 years before Mesopotamia and Sumeria.

2,000 years BCE, there is no archeological evidence of any mass Amorite move from northern Mesopotamia to Cannan. Finkelstein, I and Silberman, NA The Bible Unearthed. There is only archeological evidence of Canaanites in Canaan for thousands of years. And no evidence of outside invasions.

Although, some cities did temporarily disappear due to famines. The Canaanites had a static gene pool. No Amorite influence on it. Then in 1,200 BCE the Amorites show up. Exactly the same time they first appeared in Egyptian records. The Amorites slowly grew into Canaan when Canaan collapsed in on itself. They did not take it over by over by conquest.

The only difference between the Canaanites and the Amorites was the Amorites stopped eating pork for some, probably religious reasons, around 1,000 BCE.

The Amorites and The Canaanites were brothers who had no social differences. Only the tribe of Judah expelled The Canaanites.
The other tribes lived with them and even intermarried with them.

The Torah, started around 700 BCE, is an accumulation of tribal myths and legends cobbled together by politically motivated priests and scribes who were entirely ignorant of real historical knowledge. A prime aim of the 7th century scribes in Jerusalem was to compose a history that united the Israelite tribes and ensure
The Judeans in Jerusalem were perceived their natural and historical leaders over the other tribes – appointed of god.
It’s a crass attempt at one-upmanship to sell superior Manship to the outside world and themselves. But, they also needed to use the stories to record some secrets.

Prior to the 1950’s archeology was generally backing the Biblical stories. But, modern archeology has proven the opposite. There is no historical or archeological evidence of The Jews in Egypt or the exodus.

Not so much as a single Jewish pottery fragment anywhere in Egypt of the desert. Even if there had just been a 100 Jews, archeologists would have found something. All the places The Bible says The Jews stayed during the exodus, even Edom, Moab, Ammon and Heshbon did not come into existence until 700 BCE. Exactly the same time the scribes started working on The Torah. The Bible says The Jews built The Egyptian city of Pithom. But, again, it wasn’t built until 700 BCE, too the same time as The Torah. The Bible talks about the Canaanite King of Arad during the exodus. But, archeologists have proven Arad was deserted during the supposed time of the exodus. If there had been, according to The Bible, 2,000,000 Jews in Egypt, half of Egypt’s population, it would have been recorded some where. No recorded or archeological history, no Jews in Egypt! And even if Pharaoh’s army had drowned, there were numerous Egyptian forts on the road to Canaan to stop them. The first mention of Israelites in Egyptian history is when Rameses II’s son came up to Canaan and easily conquered it. The Egyptian history states The Israelites had no military. Which is absolutely contrary to the Bible, which says they had a large military. The only reason the Jewish scribes did not mention the Pharaohs name in the exodus story is because if they had it would have utterly destroyed it’s historical timeline. And, you really believe Joshua made the sun stand still so he could kill more Canaanites? Really? There is no historical or archeological evidence of Joshua’s battles. It would have been impossible for The Jews to arm themselves in the desert sufficiently to beat The Canaanites. And, the Bible would have told of a miracle if it had happened. Archeology has proven, at the time of the supposed exodus, none of the Canaanite cities had walls. They were just farming communities protected by Egypt. Completely demilitarized by Egypt. In all the diplomatic letters sent between Canaan and Egypt, there is no mention of Israel or The Jews. If there had been an invasion, it would have been mentioned! Egypt knew nothing about an invasion. And, if Egypt had ignored one, certainly, The Hittites would have moved in instead. How could Joshua’s name which translated is ‘Yahweh is salvation’ be given to him before the word Yahweh was given to Moses, for the first time, on Mount Sinai? Scribe error! And archeology has proven that Jericho, which, they found, had no walls, was uninhabited at the time of the so-called exodus. The city of Ai was also deserted. The Gibonite cities – unoccupied. Meggido, Lachish and Hazor fell but outside the timeframe for the so-called exodus. Joshua must be fictional! The Moses type story was common in the middle east. The story of King Sargon the Great of Akkad was on the great wall at Babylon during the Jewish captivity there. And, the Greek god Dionysis was down the Nile, too. All these and similar stories come from the Egyptian story of Osiris.

There is no archeological evidence of David’s or Solomon’s temples. Not even any fortifications. If there had been a mighty kingdom stretching, according to the Bible, to Egypt and The Euphrates, their neighbors in Egypt and northern Mesopotamia would have had records confirming them. But, there are no conformation records anywhere! The traveling Greek historian Herodotus wrote about every culture he encountered. And, he was in the region he wrote about The Canaanites and Philistines and Egyptians and Mesopotamians, but nothing about Israel. It would have been impossible for a few tribes being almost wiped out of existence by the Philistines to become a world empire in just a few short years. The Greeks first encountered the Israelites when Alexander the Great invaded. Herod’s re-building would not have eradicated every trace of previous structures. The archeological evidence found for that period all just shows a small hilltop village and very poor people – just 50,000 people. Not an empire. This was a time before they started growing vines and olives to sale to merchants. Judea had just a 1,000 man army to keep the rebellious Israelites to the north to keep in check. And, Egypt would not allow anyone to have mines there. They didn’t even have pottery working or metal fabrication. They would have to have buy there arms but had no money. In 926 BCE, the same time, according to The Bible, that Solomon’s son ruled Judea with Solomon’s army, Egypt invaded Judea and recorded they had no military. Wightman, G J “The Myth of Solomon” Finkelstein, I & Silverman N A “The Bible Unearthed.” Therefore, David and Solomon’s empires were fiction! By the time The Torah had started being written and compiled in 700 BCE, Jerusalem had become a small town with a king and one temple. And, a little wealth from trading. They transposed this contemporary image to their entire history as they were writing it. Propaganda has always been a tool used by those in power and control. After WW II, Goebbels said “if you tell a lie enough times, the masses will believe it.” He said they were trying to convince Germans they were racially superior, the master race. He said he invented an idealized, romantic, fantasy history. He said he convinced the people that they had always been hard done by, and betrayed, and were surrounded by racially inferior neighbors, ever ready to strike and destroy them. And history has shown that everyone knows this. The only reason the writers of The Torah told all their outlandish stories several times was to make it more believable. The Jewish scribes wanted to create a history that made them the master race – the chosen of god. Surrounded by racially inferior people that want to attack and destroy them. Goebbels said he learned propaganda from Jewish history. The fear of the myth of a god has always been used by the powerful to control the weak. And the history and the god the Jews created was no exception. The Judean priests who wrote The Torah made every Judean a hero and the northern idol-worshiping intermarrying Israelites always the villain – at best, black-sheep brothers. Judea was just a small insignificant backwater compared to Israel, but after the Assyrian invasion of Israel, the Judeans, after a tributary payoff to Assyria to survive and promise to behave, were the only ones left to write the so-called history. The Judeans attempt to make people believe the northern Israelites would follow a southern Judean King like Saul, David or Solomon is socially preposterous and militarily impossible. Judea was jealous of its northern wealthy and influential neighbor, Israel – and said it through Amos and Hosea. Judea was happy when Assyria conquered Israel. At the time of Hezekiah it came time to start writing down laws and start doing away with other gods, but stopped along way from finishing. But finished by his great grandson, Josiah who discovered the book Deuteronomy and The Ten Commandments. For Josiah to successfully separate his people from all their myriad of traditional and regional gods and goddesses, he had to completely rewrite Jewish history to make people believe they had always just had one god and to justify his territorial expansionist dreams and to create a common heritage. And, since everyone had just become literate, they could read for themselves what was being written. The propaganda worked. Josiah made a new beginning, a new religion, new laws, and a new united nation. Every prophecy in The Torah was written after the fact.

Twelve years after Josiah’s death, the Bible says all of Judea was taken captive by The Babylonians. But, Babylonian records say only 20,000. One fourth of the population. Just the leaders and the soldiers. While in captivity, its clear the priests finished the complete re-writing of The Torah started by Josiah. They also had to eradicate or hide their Egyptian roots in The Torah for The Babylonians to tolerate them worshiping a foreign god while they were there. For example, switching Adonay to YHWH (or Yahweh). But, according to The Dead Sea Scrolls, the priests didn’t like the new name and took awhile to catch on. Massey, G.A. “Book of the Beginnings.” After The Persians conquered Babylon The Bible says The Jews returned en mass. Not true. The Persians only allowed a trickle over 150 years. And, most stayed behind. The Priests had to come up with an excuse of why their god would let be taken into captivity, So, they decided to blame the people. Which also was good as a sort of warning about future. Under Persian control and governors, they had quite awhile of peace until Alexander The Great showed up. In the Hellenized world the Jewish priests lost a lot power. Including the power to keep out other religions. It became fashionable to copy The Greeks. Many Jews flocked to the new Mystery Religions for freedom, equality (for women), and education. Even the High Priest Hezekiah went to Alexandria. Jerusalem was a comparable backwater. Under the Greeks, Jerusalem turned into a real city for the first time. The Greeks dragged The Judeans into the modern world – with plows, water working, pottery, metal-working, and money. Then, with a little help from Rome, the Maccabeans took control of Judea and became expansionist blood-thirsty ethnic-cleaners led by psychopathic zealots wanting revenge on Hyalinization. If you weren’t circumcised or didn’t get circumcised, you were butchered. All this anarchy gave Pompeii an excuse to invade. And, the Romans let Herod rebuild the country including The Temple.

The Egyptian Sun god ‘Ra,’ the creator of the universe, was really their only god. The other gods were just manifestations of faces of Ra. Making the Egyptians monotheistic not polytheistic. Budge, E. A. W. “Egyptian Religion.” Just like the Roman Catholic saints have different duties to perform for people, so too, each Egyptian face or manifestation performed a particular duty that people could go to for help with particular problems. Specialized fields for everyday problems. These faces or manifestations were never put on the same level as their god. They did believe Ra could be dangerous or even deadly. Ra created the universe by thinking it into existence. Ra’s firstborn were Osiris, Iris, Horus and Set. Father, Mother, Son and Satan! Osiris was the most important and called “The Son of God” who came to Earth as a mortal man, where he had a cruel death and a resurrection! While Osiris was dead, he went to the kingdom of the dead where he judged each soul as worthy or not to go to heaven and reunite with the Creator for an extremely better after life then they had on Earth! This should be disturbingly familiar to Christians. These formed the basis of Christianity. The Egyptian belief in Ra and Osiris, the Father and the Son, go back at least to 10,000 BCE, maybe more. Way before Judaism and Christianity! The Giza pyramids form Orion’s belt in the stars. Of great importance to the Egyptians. Orion was a stellar representation of Osiris and where you went after death – their heaven. Their ‘River of Heaven’ was the Milky Way. And, Orion is in the center of the Milky Way. Orion the Hunter became Abraham. In Urhay at ‘the pools of Abraham’ where Abraham had to jump off a cliff with stone columns Abraham was tied to, like Samson, at the top to escape Nimrod Abraham had to jump into the pools far below, the columns are aligned to see Orion in the sky. Samson is represented by the constellation Leo, close to Orion. Elijah is portrayed as a wild strongman, who, like Orion and Samson, wear rough garments tied with a belt – a representation of Orion’s belt. He sacrifices a bull. Representing the passing of the age of Taurus to the new age of Aries. In Matthew 11:10-15 Jesus identifies John the Baptist as Elijah. Making him another Orion man. The twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve disciples are representations of the twelve signs of the zodiac. In John 97-102, describes, the disciples – the twelve constellations – dancing around Jesus – the pole star. This dance was recreated by the Gnostics for years. This theme can be seen throughout. In the pyramids, the so-called airshafts point exactly at the pole star and Orion. Despite Ra being a Sun god, they didn’t think he really had any form – he was hidden from them. Ra was the king of truth with no beginning or end. He created all things. He is life. “He breathes the breath of life into nostrils.” He formed mankind. He judges the mighty and helps the weak. He rewards those that service him. Everything in creation belonged to god, excuse me, Ra. He is too great to comprehend. He was not Earthbound. The Egyptian ‘Urshu,’ or messengers, were the intermediaries between Ra and the people and they could fly. Obviously, the precursors to angels. The Book of Enoch was, tried to be, destroyed by the Christian hierarchy because it had Urshu’s. Fortunately, it survived because it gives an explanation for Noah’s flood, a meteorite strike that melted the poles. The Amun Temple at Thebes has on it’s walls the story of a virgin birth. A millennium before the gospel of Luke. They had a ‘holy of holies’ at Heliopolis. All the pictures of Akhenaten look exactly like the garden of Eden. Judaism got seriously exposed to Egyptology after the death of Akhenaten, father of Tutankhamen, who closed all the temples except for Ra’s and formed a new capital city, Akhet-Atin, occupied solely by Ra temples. After his death, the other priesthoods came back to power and exiled the entire city of Akhet-Atin, including it’s priests of Ra, to, you guessed it, Canaan. The Ra priests at the time were the only people in the world who believed pigs to be unclean and did not eat them. Undoubtedly, where the Jews picked up the idea. The priests of Ra arrived in Canaan exactly the same time the Jews became monotheistic. To avoid further problems with Egypt, the priests of Ra had to stop using the word Ra for god. Since Ay was now Pharaoh, the priests of Ra changed the name of their god from Ra to ‘Adonay,” meaning ‘Lord Ay.’ (Ay was a strong believer in Ra but had to kick out the priests of Ra for political reasons – to avert civil war. Behind the seens, he’s still protecting them) The name Adonay, of course, had to be changed to YHWH (Yahweh) in captivity in Babylon to cover up the Egyptian connection to Israel. Babylonians really hated the Egyptians. Before Adonay, the Hebrews used the word ‘El” for god. A Canaanite word for god and proof of their Canaanite origin. The story of Abraham’s life is the encoded story of Akhenaten’s life. The Bible says Abraham was told by god to go to a promised land. Which ended up being a great plain, the valley of the kings, and it had a race track for the king and he built a tent and an alter to god. Akhenaten was sent by god to a great plain where he was told was the promised land to build his new city of god. While building the city, Akhenaten had to live a tent with an alter to god. The city had a long curving highway he and his first wife, Nefertiti, yes that one, use to race chariots together. It had a race track for the king too. Abraham and Akhenaten both broke idols of their fathers. Both sacrificed a ram. The Bible story of Abraham lying to Pharaoh about his wife Sarah being his sister has always baffled people why that story is in the Bible. But, if you understand the life of Akhenaten it makes perfect sense. Akhenaten desired Nefertiti, but she was a minor wife of his fathers and with no child of his. He was probably to old and sick to consummate the marriage. Akhenaten Akhenaten’s father found out and told he would rather her live his house then some else’s. Genesis 16:1 the Egyptian father of Sarah’s Egyptian maid says, “It would be better for my daughter to be a servant in such a house then his mistress in another.” To draw attention to the encoding here, the writers of the Abraham/sister story used the Egyptian definition of sister, meaning mistress or concubine. Both Abraham and Akhenaten didn’t have any sons from their primary wives. Just secondary wives. Both primary wives got jealous and sent the secondary wives and their sons away. In Akhenaten’s Akhet-Aten city of god, the temple of Ra had a “Tree of Immortality” that only the pharaoh was suppose to eat. After Akhenaten’s death, some priests of Ra ate of the tree hoping to become immortal. Beneath the tree of immortality in the naked paradise of Akhet-Aten was an evil serpent named ‘Adolphis.’ The Biblical garden of Eden story comes from Akhet-Aten. Both were naked paradises, with trees of immortality and evil serpents. When people ate of the forbidden fruit they were caste out and realized they were naked and had to clothe themselves. All the pictures of Akhenaten look like their in the garden of Eden. The Jewish holy of holies is an exact duplicate of Egypt’s holly of holies “The Star Chamber” of Ra in Heliopolis. The fact that the spread gold cherubs with outstretched wings found in Tutankhamen’s tomb look exactly like the cherubs on top of the ark of the covenant is something cannot be ignored. They have to be Isis and Nechthys. It was common in Egypt to carry around gods in gold boxes carried by wooden poles. Since the time of the Akhet-Atin mini-exodus, the Israelites have dressed just like Egyptians. The Torah commands the Jews to dress just like Egyptians as a sign of remembrance that god saved them out of Egypt. This seems very strange, You don’t see any Jews dressing as Nazi storm troopers to remember them. In all Akhet-Atin temples, there were places to wash your hands and you feet. The Egyptian obsession with cleanliness created shaving off all body hair, wearing wigs and they created circumcision. Sabbah, M & Sabbah, R. “Secrets of the Exodus.” Levy S & O, “The Pentateuch According to Rashi, Exodus,” Harman, D. “The Real Moses And His God.” Both Mark 1:11 and a text in an ancient Egyptian tomb says, “This is my beloved son of whom I am well pleased.” The Egyptian text is of god speaking to Pharaoh. Faulkner, R.O., “The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts.”

At around 600 BCE, maybe sooner, “The Mystery Religion” spread around the world. Each part of the world that adopted it put their own local heroes as their own “Son of God.” It started in Egypt as The Osiris Mystery Religion. Then it went to Greece, with Pythagoras, interestingly enough, who studied at the temple of Ra in Heliopolis for 22 years and became of priest of Ra, as The Eleusinian or The Dionysis Mystery Religion. Then Persia as Mithras. Attis in Asia Minor. Adonis in Syria. Bacchus in Italy. Serapis in Alexandria. And, in Judea the Joshua ben Nun Mystery Religion. If you translate Joshua from the Hebrew form of the Aramaic name, though Greek and into Latin you get Jesus. Badge, E. A.W. “Egyptian Religion.” The Mystery Religions believed:

– God, manifests himself into physical form;
– He comes as The Son of God, the savior of mankind;
– His birth is prophesied by the appearance of a star;
– He is born of a virgin;
– He is born December 25th;
– He was born in a cowshed;
– He offers his followers baptism so they could be ‘born again”;
– He had twelve disciples;
– He turned water into wine at a wedding;
– He performed miracles;
– He rides in triumph on a donkey, the crowds wave palms in honor;
– His disciples take communion with bread and wine;
– He is unjustly accused of heresy;
– He dies on Easter;
– He sacrifices himself to redeem the sins of the world;
– His body is wrapped in linen and anointed with myrrh;
– His cave tomb is visited by three women disciples;
– He descends to the underworld and resurrects on the third day;
– He ascends to heaven where he becomes the judge over the dead.

Pythagoras opened a public school in Greece, when he returned from Egypt, to teach his new religion and science. Even Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were initiates. In the Greek version, Osiris was replaced by Dionysus and Iris by Demeter. People claim Pythagoras performed a lot of miracles. And, appeared in two placed at once. The teachers of The Mystery Religion wanted their allegorical stories wanted every individual to make the story that was comfortable to them. Which is why it became different to every culture. Socrates was, of course, put on trial and death for following Pythagoras’ Mystery Religion instead of traditional Greek gods. The new Greek Mystery religion and philosophy became intertwined and inseparable. At least to them. During this period, Egypt only let Greece have a port in Egypt. The knowledge from Egypt made Greece the center of the civilized world Why would Alexander The Great detour his entire army to Egypt to visit a temple of Ra? He was only allowed to go with a couple of priests and the trip across the desert that almost cost him his life. Did Aristotle teach him something about The Mystery Religion that made him want to read something in the books of Ra for himself or see something for himself? Whatever he saw or read, they said it had a big impact on him. But he didn’t even tell Aristotle, just his mom. What was important enough to put an entire army on hold and risk his own life for? And, why did Alexander choose Egypt to be the capital of his empire rather than Macedonia? After the formation of Alexandria, half of its population became Jews. It was such a nicer place then the backwater that was their homeland and it had a world famous library. All the Jews in Alexandria started speaking Greek for everyday conversation and converted to The Mystery Religion. They became known as The Hellenic Jews. Hebrew became their second language. The word ‘Messiah’ became linked to The Jewish Mystery Religion’s resurrected godman to make it more palatable to more Jews. They then put their Mystery story in a historical Jewish setting and customs. After Rome conquered Judea, all The Mystery Religion teachers died. With no one to tell people the stories of the mystery religion were allegorical teaching tools, they eventually turned into fact. Alexander the Great was responsible for spreading The Mystery Religion everywhere he went. In the end, over its 1,000 years of existence, millions of people joined the mystery religions.

Either The Flavians, who knew The Mystery Religion well, used it to write their gospels, or the Jewish Mystery cult of Jesus/Joseph was directly transformed into Christianity by the exiled Jewish slaves in Rome who were without their Mystery Religion teachers to tell them the truth that their godman is allegorical.

All the Christian gospels were written by Mystery Religion initiates to demonstrate their knowledge and insight. No one gospel was more important or real then another. Since the Roman Jews had no texts of their own, they used the Gnostic’s Jesus Mystery Religion’s texts. For example, the very controversial gospel of Judas was written by a Gnostic initiate into The Mystery Religion of Jesus. He was trying to give a new and interesting insight, from the point of view of the traitor into the teaching’s of The Mystery Religion’s son of god. Maemullen, R. “Enemies of Roman Order.” Pagels, E. “The Gnostic Gospels.” The New Testament Gospels are to full of mistakes and contradictions to be bona-fide historical documents. The author of the Gospel of Mark couldn’t even be from Palestine because of all the geographical errors. For example, The Gospel of Mark says that Jesus left Tyre and passed through Sidon on the road to the sea of Galilee. But, Sidon is in the opposite direction. At that time, there was no road between there and Galilee. In Mark, Gerasa is wrongly located. It’s on the south-eastern border of the lake. Not, thirty miles to the north. In Mark, there is a Nazareth, which, of course, wasn’t there until Constantine had Helena build it in 4 CE. Flavians, again, to cover up the mistake. The is no Arimathea for Joseph of Arimathea. The author of Mark also does not know Jewish law because he has Jesus pronouncing on a divorced Jewish woman. But, there was no divorce in Judea at the time. The author of Mark must have been a Hellenistic then a Jewish background. And, the gospel was written a long time after the alleged events attributed to Jesus. The gospels of Mathew and Luke were just re-worked stories, by initiates, of the gospel of Mark. Just Gnostic initiates reinterpreting again. The Gnostic Mystery Religion people were encouraged to write their own versions of the mystery story. The authors of the gospel of Mark and of John ignore the virgin birth and the lineage of David. If they were telling the greatest story ever told, why leave that out? They didn’t care because it wasn’t history. While the gospels of Mathew and Luke had the virgin birth, they are different by ten years and two different kings. The authors didn’t care. It wasn’t history. The authors Mathew and Luke in their genealogy from Jesus to David have no one in common except Joseph. Luke has 26 generations while Mathew 41. And, Mathew fails to even mention Solomon. Both authors show a lack of historical Jewish knowledge. But, the authors didn’t care. It wasn’t history. The Romans have no record of the trial of Jesus. Impossible! How could Mathew have felt an earthquake and none of the other disciples record it? How could all four gospel authors have Jesus saying very different final words? The gospels consistently say Jesus will rise in three days. But, it only takes a day and a half. In 170 ACE literal Christian propagandist Justin Martyr and his protégé Tatian, after compiling their four Gnostic gospels, tried to destroy all the others. They were trying to cover-up that their gospels came from The Mystery Religion of Jesus. Brandon, S.G.F., “Religion in Ancient History.” According to Tertullian, the literalist Christians wanted to make their New Testament different from The Mystery Religions by “making it rest on some very ancient books.” The Torah which they renamed The Old Testament and they added some new prophecies about the Messiah to smooth it’s transition into The New Testament. This was outrageous and perverse to Paul and the Gnostics who were trying to separate the Mystery Religion of Jesus from Judaism. Luderman, G., “Heretics.” The Mystery Religion of Jesus went from being mainly Hellenized Jews to mainly Gentiles.

In addition to there being no Roman, Sanhedrin or Pharisian records of Jesus, the famous Judean religious historian Philo who was alive at exact same time, of the so-called Jesus, and wrote 50 history books, would have certainly mentioned Jesus if there had been one. But, he didn’t. Another Jewish history writer, Judas of Tiberias, lived in Capernaum where Jesus was to have supposedly spent a lot of time. It would be impossible for him not to know Jesus, but he doesn’t say a word. Josephus’ histories record what his adopted family, The Flavians, wanted him to write.

Why did The Knights Templar protect the Gnostic Cathars in France after Pope Innocenti III labeled them heretics? They must have had the same spiritual beliefs. The Pope started with a crusade against the Gnostic Cathars, killing 20,000 (maybe Cathars or maybe Catholics – how do you tell the difference?), and then he set up The Inquisition in Toulouse to finish it’s barbaric conclusion. The Templars helped the Gnostic Cathars escape and bury their dead on Templar land. Ralls, K. “The Templars & The Grail: Knights Of The Quest.” Both The Templars and the Gnostic Cathars had John the Baptist as their figure-heads because he was the representation of Orion. At their inquisition, all The Templars confessed about their initiation ceremony into The Templars that they had been given a rope that had been wrapped around the severed bearded head of John The Baptist which they had to wrap around their wastes to represent Orion’s Belt. When Jesus called John the Baptist ‘Elijah” John the Baptist was made an Orion man like Elijah. Just like the Pyramids. The Templar’s road to Jerusalem The Templar’s nicknamed “The Milky Way (The Egyptian road to immortality and reunification with god).” The Templar’s founder Bernard of Clairvaux wrote four treatises called “Isis – Queen Of Heaven.” He also founded The Virgin Cult and saved The Cistercians. Before Bernard, you could get to Heaven with just Jesus. After Bernard, you had to have Mary and Jesus. In every Templar and Priory picture there is always the symbolic hand of John the Baptist pointing to Orion. Cantor, N. “The Civilization Of The Middle Ages.” Why is John The Baptist celebrated on the same day as the Queen of Heaven? In Gnostic teaching, the godman is represented by the Sun (Son) that passes through the twelve constellations (the twelve disciples).

While Jesus and his disciples are the invention of The Gnostics and The Mystery Religions, Paul was actually a real person. The early literalist Christians really hated Paul and labeled him a ‘heretic’ because he didn’t ever talk about the historical Jesus. Ludemann, G. “Heretics.” In Tarsus, where Paul grew up, the Jews there were all very Hellenic and followed the Jesus Mystery religion. Ulansey, D. “The Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries.” The Mystery Religions, in many forms, was the predominant religion in Tarsus. In Corinthians Paul says he is a “Steward of Mysteries.” ‘Steward’ was the word The Mysteries called their priests. The Mystery Religions, like all secret societies, had it’s own secret vocabulary. Paul’s letters contain a lot of these secret Mystery Religion words that Christians wouldn’t understand. Here is a list of a few words:

– Gnosis – knowledge of the divine;
– Sophia – wisdom;
– Pneuma – spirit;
– Eudolon – image or ego;
– Logos – the guide on the path to attaining Sophia or Gnosis;
– Teleoi – initiated;
– Hylic – one who identifies with the material body, the outer self;
– Psychic – first stage initiate, identified with the soul or psyche;
– Pneumatic – second stage initiate, taught the inner teachings of the Spirit
and Consciousness.

For example, to Christians, I Corinthians 2:14 makes no sense unless you have a Mystery Religion Dictionary. “The Psychic does not receive the things of the spirit of god; they are foolishness to him; he cannot recognize them because they are Pneumatically discerned, but the Pneumatic discerns all things.” Paul even capitalizes the Mystery Religion words. Paul’s statement he has “ascended to the third level,” is nonsensical to Christians. But, Mystery Religions had three levels of ascension. Scholem, G. “Jewish Gnosticism, Merkabah Mysticism, and Talmudic Tradition.” Paul spoke of ten heavens. The Mystery Religions believed in ten heavens. Paul wrote his letters on two levels. The superficial level for the Christians and the Psychics. And, the higher symbolically encoded level for the Pneumatics. The Gnostic followers of Velentinus stated that “Christians make the mistake of reading Paul’s letters literally, whilst they, the Gnostics, read them on the symbolic level, as Paul intended.” Paul always says “sowing and reaping” instead of the common use of “reaping and sowing.” As is common for The Mystery Religions. In Acts 18:18 says Paul cut his hair. Christians have never made sense of this. I’ll explain it. It was in the city of Cenchreae where there was a temple of the Isis Mystery Religion where all the sailors cut their hair and dedicated it as an offering to Isis for a safe voyage. If Paul wasn’t a member of The Mystery Religion, he wouldn’t have cut of his hair. Paul never says anything negative about the Gnostics or The Mystery Religions except in the forged letters. Gnostic Mystery Religion leader in Alexandria Valantinus teacher and initiator was Theudus whose teacher and initiator was Paul of Tarsus. Why did Paul have no fear of continually blaspheming Jehovah if he thought he existed? The literalist Christians didn’t appear until after Paul and the fall of Jerusalem. When Paul was battling the Jerusalem Christians, they were really the Gnostic Mystery Religion of Jesus, The Ebionites, and they wanted to circumcise everyone. Paul took the Judean Jesus Mystery Religion out of it’s unsavory Jewish Laws back to it’s cosmopolitan roots for all humanity. Josephus wrote that the Essenes, who wrote the dead sea scrolls, were Pythagoreans. And, they do talk about their affiliation with The Mystery Religion. In Colossians 2:3 Paul says “The Gnosis of god’s Mystery.” In Corinthians Paul wrote, “We speak Sophia among the Initiated.” It was later changed by the literalists to, “We speak wisdom amongst the perfected.” Whole passages of Paul have taken on whole new meanings then the Gnostic Christian beliefs he taught in order for the Literalists to match what literal Christianity in Rome was teaching. Paul never taught people would be resurrected after death. Paul taught resurrection was achieved amongst the living; the second coming would be spiritual not physical. Nor, did Paul ever say Jesus was a living historical figure. In 1 Corinthians 10:6 Paul says the events are ‘symbolic.’ And, in Galatians 4:24 Paul says the Jesus stories are ‘allegories.’ Paul is saying Jesus and the scripture are myth. Allegorical stories of The Jesus Mystery Religion. If the disciples were real, why didn’t Paul meet them? Paul never talks about anything that was to have suppose to have happened to the life of Jesus in Judea or anything the gospels say. Paul was preaching the story of The Mystery Religion. No wonder he was labeled a heretic by the early literalists. Whenever Paul uses the word ‘Christ’ he means the consciousness taught by The Mystery Religions. It also teaches that because we are a combination of everything, because we are everything, we are god.

Nothing in the New Testament is original. The story of Jesus was an exact copy, although ethnic version, of the 800 year old story of The Greek Mystery Religion godman which was stolen by The Greeks from Egypt’s Osiris story going back thousands of years. All of Jesus’ pearls of wisdom can be traced to Egypt or Greece as written down in the christian gospels by the Mystery Religion of Jesus initiates. Teeter, E. & Brewer, D.J., “Egypt and the Egyptians.” The ten commandments, psalms and proverbs came from Egypt, too. For example, Psalm 104 is an exact copy of the ‘Hymn to Aten.” Psalm 23 is a description of the pictures of Osiris, the good shepard, shepherding the Pharos with his rod and his staff. No real shepherd carried two staffs. It’s line, ‘though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death’ is a direct quote from Egypt’s Book of the Dead. The whole passage is almost word for word. Rowe, F. “The Lord’s My Shepard, I’ll Not Want.” Badge, EAW., “The Book Of The dead.” Much of the book of proverbs comes from Egypt’s ‘Instructions of Amenemipet son of Kanakht.’ Budge, EAW., “Teaching Of Amen-Em-Apt, Son Of Kanakht.” The miracle of turning water into wine at a wedding first happened in Egypt at the wedding of Ariadne and Dionysus. Lietzmann, H., “The History of the Early Church Vol 3.”

The christian church has always lead people to believe that christianity was outlawed by Rome, for the entire time before Constantine, resulting in tens of thousands of martyrs! Whole cities of christians being killed! During Emperor Decius it was from 250 – 251 CE. Under Valerian it was 257 – 259 CE. Under Dioletian it was 303 – 305 CE. Just five years total. Even during those five years, any christians could pay off the Roman judge to be freed. But, because of the literalist christian Tertullian, some Christians wanted to martyr themselves. Tertullian wrote “the blood of the christian martyr is seed to grow the church.” Ten years later though Tertullian changed his mind. He left the Roman christian church and became a Gnostic. Lane-Fox, R. “Pagans and Christians.” In Alexandria, there were just 17 martyrs. And, in Palestine, Eusibius records 92 martyrs. Almost all The Roman judges gave christians sentences that could be rescinded. They knew there would inevitably be regime change and their sentences consequently overturned. The Roman judges were concerned about the christians. They thought they were delusional and misguided fools and wanted to help. After Emperor Domitians death, everyone he had sentenced were pardoned by the Senate. In Rome, there were occasional judicial blips but they eventually always returned to normal. Nero never persecuted anyone for religious reasons. Tacitus got his information from 2nd and 3rd hand sources a 100 years after the event. Nero could very well have been persecuting some Jews who were still zealots in Rome. Scarre, C., “Chronicle of the Roman Emperors.” It is well known there were Jewish troublemakers after the fall of Jerusalem. It wouldn’t be logical for the Romans to kill christians because they valued slaves. Why kill someone who you can put to work in the mines? Early church fathers like Tertullian and Justin Martyr were completely lying when they claimed whole cities had become christians and christianity had spread to every part of the globe. Ridiculous! According to real historians, at 350 ACE only 2% of Rome was christian. Gnostic christians, not literalists. Lane-Fox, R. “Pagans and Christians.” Seventeen years before Constantine made christianity the Roman state religion, The Mystery Religion of Mithra was the first state religion of Rome. And, it was far more popular than christianity. Before Constantine christianity was in danger of withering away. Tens of thousands of martyrs? Right!

The differences between the Gnostic christians and the literalist christians is, of course, whether or not Jesus was a historical figure, but, also, the Gnostics believed in questioning everything while literalist leaders demanded blind faith of their followers because they had a lot to hide about their own formation. Questioning anything was strictly prohibited. The literalists had to purge themselves of liberals, intellectuals and philosophers – questioners. The Bishops enforced allegiance with brutality. Gibbon, E. “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.” Before the literalists, there had never been a religious war. They changed the world for the worse. After the Bible became available to the public, the Catholic Church forbad anyone but their own clergy to read it! Still not allowing questions! On pain of death, the Bibles nonsense, inconsistencies and contradictions had to be concealed! When The Gnostic masters told the literalists they were uninitiated Gnostic psychics who understood nothing of The Mystery Religion of Jesus and desperately needed teaching from pneumatics to find Gnosis of the secret mystery of god the Gnostic masters were rebuffed aggressively, physically and violently by the self-appointed literalist leaders. The literalists “mindless acceptance within their own ranks merely encouraged further lies and deceits as time went on.” Justin Martyr, “First Apology in Bullock.” (Yea, Justin Martyr said that!) The literalists only found uneducated and, apparent to the Romans, loud followers. The Romans appreciated self-control which the literalists didn’t have any of. According to Celsius, the literalists were “vulgar and uneducated.” Positions in the literalist church could be bought with money. In 260 CE a woman in Tunis bought the position of Bishop of Carthage for her servant. Of course, to the literalist leaders, finding simpletons with money, the noweau-riche, could make them rich. Celsius also said, literalists “have cut themselves off from civilization.” The literalists claim Saint Anthony, Clement of Alexandria and Pochomius as their own, but they were all Gnostics. Lietzmann, H. “The History of the Early Church.” And, of course, Tertullian switched teams. The Mystery Religions opposed dictorial central control in politics. Which is why it was really strange when Julius Caesar legalized it. Constantine was tired of paying for his army, so he decided to use religion to force people to do his will. Of course, if he had kept his army, there still would be an Empire. Eusebius, “History of the Church.” As a member of The Helios Mysteries, Constantine knew they were far to liberal and dissensive for his plans for control of the people. They thought too much and had free choice. Imagine that! There was only one religion that insured unquestioning control under fear and damnation – the literalists! The fact the literalists religious hierarchy was already established through bribery would ensure there would be no moral objections to Constantine’s control and direction. His knowledge of the truth about the real history of Jesus would not impair him from saving a fortune on the military. Even though Constantine officially became the first christian Emperor, he never closed any of the pagan temples and stayed head pagan priest himself. He didn’t believe the literalists, he was using them. The church never had the guts to challenge Constantine’s unholy acts like murdering his son and his wife. And, much much more! The church even changed his name to Constantine the Great. The Romans were enraged by baptism. They saw it as a license to sin. After Constantine compiled the canon to try to bring together the four sects of literalists, after the canon, they were still at each others throats. Choosing to have a religion instead of a military sent the Roman Empire into a free for all. Christianity then pushed the world into the dark ages because it was comfortable there hiding from the light of truth and science. Porphyry, “Against The Christians.”

While Constantine had given christianity equal rights with paganism, by the reign of Theodosius the christian preachers and writers were demanding the emperor kill and slaughter all the pagans. Julius Firmicus Maternus, “The Error Of Pagan Religion.” After Constantine’s death, pagans suffered unspeakable cruelties, persecutions, agony, compassionless brutality and hideous torchering by the christians – death and murder. Christians rejoiced in the agony of suffering pagans. Croke, B. & Harries, J., “Religious Conflict In Fourth Century Rome.” The christians wanted a holocaust. Theodosius closed all the pagan temples. While Constantine was a strong Emperor who didn’t let the church push him around. His successors were weak and let the church have its way. The lunatics were in charge. With the sword of power they lusted for vengeance for being mocked for being uneducated fools who believed a myth was history. Destruction, looting, violence and murder. Sometimes, monks would get drunk on wine and go on frenzied mad killing spree. Killing anything or anyone in their path. Turcan, R., “Cults Of The Roman Empire.” The monks weren’t men of peace seeking tranquility. They were unintelligent, unthinking, religious fanatic thugs who spent their time drinking, rampaging and attacking pagans – trashing pagan temples, looting pagan temples and raping pagan women. The christians did away with the rule of law. Christians zealots made their own law and punishments. Theodosius passed a hundred laws against the Gnostics. Even talking about any religion other then christianity became illegal. Pagan books, even history and science books, were made illegal and burned in Nazi-like bonfires. The church had to obliterate all truth about itself. Three thousand years of knowledge was gleefully destroyed. Even the great library of Alexandria was destroyed. The Emperor closed The Platonic Academy in Athens. Can’t have any thinking! The monks brutality was rewarded by The Emperor sending a message that brutality was a good thing. The prince of peace! Right! The church created a thousand years of deliberate ignorance. Despite the Empire’s and the church’s attempt to destroy Gnosticism and truth about it’s creation, the Gnostics came up fighting on. Albeit on the edge of The Empire. To the Gnostics, Paul was the only real apostle. In 455 CE Gnostic Germans overthrew The Empire. While they were tolerant enough to leave Roman christianity in place, they took away all the laws against Gnosticism. Gibbon, E. “The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire.” Without intellectuals in its ranks or a throne to support it, the Roman Catholic Church was barely surviving – desperate times. In 773 CE The Franks pushed out the Gnostic Germans and returned the church to power. Then The Catholic Normans beat The Franks. Nothing much changed. In England, while Augustine had reported to Pope Gregory 10,000 conversions in one day the truth is it took hundreds of years to convert the stubborn highly educated in Druidism English and to The Celtic (really Gnostics and heretical to The Pope) christians. Several English Kings traveled to Rome to discuss their disagreements with whoever was Pope at the time and all were killed by The Pope upon arriving. The Templars aided The Gnostic Cathars and The Templars were associated with The Priory of Sion. Pope Joan’s (the only woman Pope and from Wales England; she pretended to be a monk to be educated as a priest; she was The Cathar’s spiritual ancestor) name is derived from Sion. Creating a Celtic link to the papacy and The Priory of Sion. Evans-Wentz, W. Y., “The Fairy-Faith In Celtic Centuries.” The Celtic Sun-god Lugh became Rome’s Lucifer. In 447 CE at the Council of Toledo, the church gave it’s first written description of Lucifer. “…an immense phallus…” Really! The Church can get so weird sometimes. Whenever a pagan god became troublesome, deionization was their way to go. Muchembled., RA., “A History Of The Devil from the Middle Ages to the Present.” The church completely lied about the success of Saint Patrick converting the Irish. If the church’s accounts had been true, there would been no need for Pope Adrian IV to give Ireland to Henry II in exchange for him forcing The Irish to convert by armed force! It is the christian way! Again, there were no religious wars before christianity. Stoddard, J.L.,”Stoddard’s Lectures – Ireland.” One of the reason the church destroyed historical records during this period was to cover-up that the church had to kill half of Europe to get the other half to convert. This is one the reasons it is called the dark ages – the history books were destroyed by the church to cover-up the truth about it. The Gnostics became known as the Paulicians and were around the rim of Rome until the 15th century. Philosophy rarely wins over brute force. The Catholic Church has no place for intellectuals. Scientists had to work in secret in fear of being burnt at the stake. The Church is trying to hide the fact that civilization and the god(s) came from Egypt. The Roman Church’s closing the Roman baths led to a lot of illness and disease. Tertullian found shaving offensive to god. Without intellectuals, for a thousand years Romans forgot how to work with stone and cement. So, when stone structures needed repairing – nothing happened until it collapsed including the water aqueducts and the sewer system. Raw sewage and garbage flooded the streets leading to disease carrying rats. The church closed the theatres and other places of entertainment. Gymnasiums and fitness became ungodly. Doctors were replaced with Jesus.

By 1255, the church set up Inquisitions to find and ruthlessly eradicate The Gnostics, the real christians, in Aragon, Lombardy, France, Burgundy, Brabant and Germany. Douais, C.L., “Inquisitions.” The printing press was heresy to the church. Reading the bible had always been kept in check by The Inquisition. For the first time, people could challenge what they said about the scripture. The church didn’t let the dark ages end quickly. The Renaissance brought science, philosophy and literature out of the shackles of fear of damnation. Eventually, the church adopted Aristotle as one of its own. But, not Plato. He was to Gnostic like since he spent 13 years studying philosophy in Egypt. Despite the church’s destruction of The Library of Alexandria, a book of the Egyptian god of wisdom and knowledge, Thoth, survived. The Greeks called him Hermes. With it’s Gnostic roots, the Hermetic writing went into every underground library in Italy including the Vatican. One Platonist cardinal asked the Pope to switch Aristotle for Hermes. The Hermetic texts then made it across Europe, secretly, of course. Copernicus (1473-1543) was the first person to publish a mathematics book about celestial revolution. Proving the Pope was not the center of the universe. Starting the Copernican revolution. His book was banned of course by the Vatican. Paracelsus (1493-1541) was an exiled Hermetic alchemist who was the first person to bring chemistry to medicine. Dr. John Dee (1527-1608), Hermetic geographer of Queen Elizabeth who tried to find the Northwest Passage. He wrote 55 books on just about every field of science. Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626), Hermetic founder of the scientific method. Michael Maier (1568-1622) Hermetic German philosopher who wrote a note England’s King James asking for his fellow Hermetic financial support. Robert Fludd (1574-1637) Hermetic philosopher and student of Dr. Dee who three books defending Hermetics. Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) christian monk turned Hermetic. Henry III gave him asylum in England where he taught at Oxford. He was an avid Copernican. But, he went home to Rome where the Inquisition tortured him for eight years before burning him at the stake. Galileo (1564-1642) visually proved Copernicus’ math right about planets orbiting Suns and planets. Proving The Pope was not the center of the universe. His college roommate, Pope Urban VIII sent him to The Inquisition to be tortured until he recanted. And, then imprisoned for life. Tommaso Campanella (1568-1639) was a monk turned Hermetic philosopher who wrote several books about it. He was taken by The Inquisition and imprisoned for 29 years until he recanted. There was a secret society protecting Hermetics and Gnosticism; and it changed names a lot. Names like Rosicrucian’s, Brotherhood of Antila (Atlantis), Brethren (Order) of the Rose (Cross), Illuminati and Freemasons. It’s goal was the overthrow of the Catholic Church. They put their full support behind Henry III of France and Queen Elizabeth of England. But, they both died. They then turned to prince Fredrick of Palatine and Rhine (Bohemia). He married the daughter of King James. Fredrick was conquered, though, by the Catholic league and the dreams of a Hermetic-Gnostic Utopia for scientists and philosophers went west – to America.

The Freemasons and the Gnostics are organized exactly the same. With initiates who don’t really know the truth and the masters who know all the truth. Evangelical christians have called the Freemason everything from Satanists, to pedophiles to aliens. What you don’t know about must be evil. Freemasons, while being Hermetic-Gnostics, have always supported Protestants just because they had a common enemy – the Catholic church. King Charles II of England was a Freemason. He was giving protection during his exile by The Sun-King, Louis XIV. He was named the Sun-King because a Hermetic philosopher named Campanella had a vision of his birth by a very old queen that came true. Since Campanella was always talking and writing about a Utopian Sun City, they called the new king, the Sun-King. Campanella had always hoped the Sun-King would build his Utopian Sun City. Both Louis XIV and Charles II surrounded themselves with Hermetic-Freemason-Gnostics. Louis XIV created his and Campanella’s Sun City and Charles II wanted to do the same in England. When Charles II was allowed to return to England, the English Freemasons now had their Sun-King. Temporarily rejecting their democratic ideals. Charles II created The Royal Society – all scientific academic and intellectual Freemasons. It had been transformed from ‘The Invisible College.’ France also started it own Royal Society. Neither society was allowed to talk about politics or religion. Charles II had the Royal Society come up with plans for a Sun City with all sorts of Hermetic/Egyptian/Greek/Gnostic – Masonic symbolism. But, with the purse strings now in the hand of Parliament, he couldn’t get it approved. But, the plans were used a century later for Washington D.C., their new Utopia. Charles II had the same architects build two temples instead. One temple dedicated to Paul, the Gnostic, the other to Isis, who represented The Templars, Gnostics, too. He had them build the temples on sacred Templar land. These temples became their new ‘Sun Temples.’ In every Templar Temple there is a depiction of the ‘green man’ – Osiris. Since they were formed, the 4th of July has been a holiday for the Freemasons. The date Freemasonry begun. Why would they make American Independence Day any different? Mozart, a Freemason, wrote an Egyptian/Masonic Opera – “The Magic Flute.” The only reason the French King supported the U.S. in The Revolutionary War is because a French Freemason Marquis de Lafayette made him. The core of American revolutionary leaders were Freemasons. They were also at war with The Grand Lodge of London. The American Revolution wasn’t just about taxes, but, also, to create the Utopia proposed by Campanella 175 years earlier. Although, for them, to achieve Ma’at, you need a politically independent king. The pinnacle of the pyramid. The symbolic head of state to link with the creator. They tried to install a king in America twice. The American throne was offered to Prince Charles Edward Stuart of England and to George Washington. Although, I think as a Freemason, George Washington wanted to accept but didn’t think he would be accepted by European royalty because he had no royal blood. The only reason Charles refused is because he didn’t have an heir. Even George Washington asked him. Washington D.C. is our Sun City. The list of Egyptian, Greek, Hermetic, Gnostic and Masonic structures and engineering is endless. At the dedication of the Washington Memorial, a prominent Freemason finished his speech with these words: “These minds enlightened with divine love, their hearts radiant with discovering pure love, their souls cherishing…like the ancient Egyptian worshippers of Osiris…the hope of immortality.” Not exactly the fundamentalist christian sentiments that modern day American politicians spout. Christians love to quote the founding fathers, but they have no idea what they dreamed or believed. Each Masonic Temple is Egyptian design. They’ve blatantly used Templar Titles for their degrees of enlightenment while the English shied away from that. The Freemasons were also behind the French Revolution. Freemason the Count di Cagliostro published a famous letter to the French people urging them to tear down The Bastille and replace it with a temple of Isis. The French Grand Master of The Freemasons Philippe, the Duke of Orleans paid for the revolution himself and helped personally to storm The Bastille. Everyone wanted Philippe to be the new King. Because of Philippe’s desire for a Constitutional Monarchy he was exiled by the military – despite being the father of the revolution. Without Philippe, the Freemasons hope for a new Sun-King were abolished and their plans to destroy christianity. Napoleon was a Freemason too. He did some research and discovered Paris was named after Isis. Suffice it to say, Freemasons are here to keep Gnosticism alive and promote it’s ideals including exposing christianity for the fraud it is. Riley, J. “The Freemasons.” Mackey, A. G., “The History Of Freemasons.”

In the last ten years, the christian community in the U.S. has fallen 87% to 76% – not changing religions, becoming non-believers. The Catholic Church will never escape it’s child-abuse scandal and is in a vicious circle of ruthless power and outrageous lies.

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