Genesis was plagiarized – It is therefore a fabrication.

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Genesis was plagiarized. It is therefore a fabrication. Therefore, all traditions which assert its truth are invalid.
Genesis 1 was taken from the Sumerian Namma myth, which predates Abraham by 2,000 years. Namma was the first Prime Mover deity that separated the waters into those above and those below, creating a concept that later Yahwists/Israelites would come to assert as ‘the firmament.’

The story of Adam and Eve was also plagiarized, and is thus a complete fabrication. The Sumerian story Enki and Ninhursag was the source of that fabricated Genesis myth:

Enki and Ninhursag has also been cited, however, as the basis for the biblical story of creation found in Genesis. Orientalist Samuel Noah Kramer writes:

Perhaps the most interesting result of our comparative analysis of the Sumerian poem is the explanation which it provides for one of the most puzzling motifs in the biblical paradise story, the famous passage describing the fashioning of Eve, “the mother of all living”, from the rib of Adam – for why a rib? Why did the Hebrew storyteller find it more fitting to choose a rib rather than any other organ of the body for the fashioning of the woman whose name, Eve, according to the biblical notion, means approximately “she who makes live”. The reason becomes quite clear if we assume a Sumerian literary background, such as that represented by our Dilmun poem, to underly the biblical paradise tale; for in our Sumerian poem, one of Enki’s sick organs is the rib. Now the Sumerian word for “rib” is ti (pronounced tee); the goddess created for the healing of Enki’s rib was therefore called in Sumerian Nin-ti “the Lady of the rib”. But the Sumerian word ti also means “to make live” as well as “the Lady of the rib”. In Sumerian literature, therefore, “the Lady of the rib” came to be identified with “the Lady who makes live” through what may be termed a play on words. It was this, one of the most ancient of literary puns, which was carried over and perpetuated in the biblical paradise story, although there, of course, the pun loses its validity, since the Hebrew words for “rib” and “who makes live” have nothing in common.


Noah was plagiarized from the Sumerian Utnapishtim – fairly common knowledge.

These are the facts of the source of the Abrahamic faiths. They were nationalistic fabrications,pp as many Gods were 2,800 years ago. Therefore, any tradition that asserts the truth of Genesis is invalid, unless they validate the older, polytheistic faiths as their source, which of course is the end of the Abrahamic religions.

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