I am going to have a total rant on the absolute nonsense of religion, my rant however is about theism – I cannot even be bothered to capitalise anything to do with their mythical gods of who they are!

I have spent decades of research on this ridiculous subject and being honest is about NOTHING!

I am in the process of putting together proof that the bible, old testament, torah and new testament is fabricated, rehashed propaganda – to inflate the jewish ego and make them something they are not!

The jewish claim that they are the chosen people of god, is really laughable – and guess where that claim comes from, yup, their fabricated torah! It might of held some sway if it was historical and could be proved – but sadly for them there is absolutely no proof either archaeologically or historically.

The including of the supernatural to try and make it look like a deity was involved, has as made it all the more unbelievable! The painful truth is if it was ‘god’ who was the creator and saviour of the jews, he made a very piss poor calculation’s concerning them and his creation of the world out of nothing and man out of dirt! – god is also a pretty crap scientist – what god got wrong is pretty sad!  He also seems verry petty, vicious and tyrannical!

I digress from my rant – I have made a list of well known writers – many of them dead – who have not seen through the charade of theism – but, and I say but, they still are professors and teach religion – to write about the sumerians gods and equate it with the hebrew bible is a double whammy of nonsense – as neither the Sumerian gods of the rehashed Hebrew gods exist!

It really hit me this morning, here I am reading what all these professors of theology with all their degrees are waffling  how the hebrew bible stole/borrowed from the Sumerians, Babylon, Egypt Persia et al – when it is ALL PLAGURIZED NONSENSE.

But to prove this nonsense I have to go into great detail to PROVE it!!

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