Another evident reason of the American Civil War
Another evident reason of the American Civil War

Another evident reason of the American Civil War

Another evident reason of the American Civil War

Kwak. Dooil

It is usually understood that the main reason of the Civil War is the emancipation of slaves. Some people consider that this slogan is just used for the sake of President Lincoln’s will to keep the Union and to provide suitable causes to other nations. These explanations are somewhat reasonable. However, I want to suggest another more evident and plausible reason.

The main cause of the American Civil War is the intended manipulation by the Europe based international financial conglomerates. They had made connections for the sake of making conflict between the Northern and the Southern and the tycoons had supported both parties financially.  These international financial plutocrats set very careful strategies for triggering the civil war in the America.[1] After the American Revolution, the British textile industry and landed gentry of the Southern made closer relationships.[2]  Using this influence, financial tycoons of Europe formed connections secretly for the conflict between the Southern and the Northern.[3] They manipulated the public opinion and succeeded to bring up the issue of slaves which had not been interested in.


On the Northern part, there was August Belmont[4] who came to the U.S. in 1837.[5] He was the relative of the Rothschild family and proxy of the Frankfurt Rothschild’s bank. As you might know, 1837 is the year of the Panic.[6] He bought up enormous volume of U.S. government bonds in this Panic period and this led him to be “financial advisor to the President of the United States”. Belmont expressed his will to support the Northern on behalf of the England and the Frankfurt Rothschild’s bank.[7] On the other hand, Saloman (Salmon) Rothschild who was the son of James Rothschild was active in the Southern. He went to the States from the Paris in autumn of 1859, as a status of a traveler.[8] He contacted bunch of celebrities on the field of politics and the finance in the U.S. Publicly, he showed his willing to help the Southern and promised that when the Southern becomes independent, he would help the Southern accredited by the Europe’s major powers. [9]

Once the war begins, a great amount of money is to be flowed to the international financial conglomerate, and this is ONE OF THE REAL REASON OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR.

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